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Driver Education

Male instructor grades female driver during drivers education

As of July 20, 2020: 

The Driver's Education course work being offered this summer is only for students who were interrupted (Bunker Hill only) or students who had signed up and paid for spring courses or summer courses. Classes will begin at various times and multiple sessions will be offered.  Please contact your specific high school for a detailed schedule if this applies to your child.

As of last Friday, we were given permission to begin our Behind the Wheel (BTW) portion of Driver's Education. Instructors from each school will contact students to drive beginning with the oldest students first (based on birth dates) and work their way to the youngest.

Catawba County has also been chosen as a pilot for the state of NC to begin a new online Driver's Education program in Canvas. Once our staff is trained this summer, we will offer an ONLINE Driver's Education Program at all of our high schools.  Signup for these courses will begin in September.

Stay tuned for more information!

Driver's Ed Informed Consent During COVID-19 Form

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